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Small Business Marketing IS Personal
Do not ever be fooled, price is not everything. Every successful brand is dependent on customer satisfaction, value added, and positive customer feedback.
You Can Generate Income Online From Home
Do you use the internet? Have you ever clicked on an ad or a link? Did you know that millions of people do that very same thing every day? Do not be intimidated by the numbers of internet sites and ads out there. You can build a site, generate traffic, and make a profit on the internet.
How Much Should You Pay for a Website?
Do you need to spend thousands? Can you figure it out yourself? How much can you afford anyway? Will your website even do anything? Wish you could test the waters?
Meta Tags, Keywords, and Search Engines, Oh My
The internet is an extremely populated and competitive medium. Search anything and you're sure to see 8,000,000 results. So how do you get in? Your site needs to be search engine friendly, full of relevant keywords, meta tags, and keyword rich pages. Add a few powerful inbound links, priceless.
Online Article Marketing - THE Article
You've heard it talked about. It still does not make sense to you. How does an article written for the purpose of marketing, differ from an advertisement? Is this ethical?