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Online Instruction

Learn to Code for Free with Codecademy!

THE leader in compliance and workforce e-learning solutions.

  • 4 million learners trained
  • Approved by over 450 regulators
  • Choose from 6,000 courses

Kick Start Your Career! offers professional training in Legal Careers, Real Estate, Insurance & Finance and Environmental Health& & Safety. Your journey toward professional improvement starts here! Leading Provider of Continuing Education, Certification & Career Skills and Compliance Solutions

Career Training & Development

NCLEX RN Consulting

Experienced NCLEX - RN Consultant available to help you pass your nursing boards the first time with proven, unique comprehensive personalized diagnostic testing to assist you with your goals and dreams of becoming an RN!

I welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your goals of becoming a Registered Nurse. Whether you are awaiting to take your Nursing boards for the first time or you are a repeat writer, I can help you!

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