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Page Outline- Order the information you will present. Keyword Selection- Select the search terms you want to target. Meta Tags- Used to describe what your page is about. Informative Content- Content is King. Call To Action- It should be obvious to your visitors what action to take.

Affiliate marketing is an online practice where a business or merchant pays an affiliate for visitors and customers acquired by the affiliates' own marketing efforts. The affiliate acts as a spokesperson for the brand, products(s) or service(s) offered by a business, and is compensated based on results. This type of marketing reduces cost and increases exposure for the merchant by allowing affiliates to market and sell the products. Affiliate marketing allows affiliates the opportunity to sell and promote products without the cost of producing them.

Complimented by an aggressive SEO strategy, Affiliate markteters can acquire a tremendous amount of customers for the business or products they promote while earning large commissions.

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